Case Study

How we designed a luxury furniture manufacturers website & marketing to increase customers 

Taylor Bespoke

Building The Brand Image

When selling luxury items that are targeted at people with higher levels of income, the brand image is absolutely vital. The look and feel of your digital presence has to on par with the quality of the goods you are selling.

We spent a significant amount of time running consumer tests on fonts, colour schemes and logos to see which were responded to most positively by the target audience. Once decided, we then used this to structure all branding and marketing content going forward.

On top of this we had our client book in to get professional in situ from installations they were carrying out. Quality images and video are priority for all businesses but even more important in the luxury market.

Site Layout

As with all of our sites – Not only did we have to have it perfect but also ensure that the layout and content was designed to generate leads.

We created textual and image content to drive traffic to particular pages and contact forms. Once running, we relied heavily on google analytics and heat map software which told us where customers were clicking and where they were not. This data allowed us to optimise layouts, change content and add contact forms and numbers where needed.

Study The Competition – SEO

We had our client write up a list of any competition. From this list we then analysed how their competitors were marketing, content they were creating & who they were targeting.

From there we found out who was linking to their content and therefore helping them boost their search engine placements using tools such as ahrefs (https://ahrefs.com/).

We then started putting together content that was more engaging, more helpful and great for search engines and then started putting together link outreach to get the same or similar sites to link into the content we produced.

The content we produced was then also utilized on social media and email marketing campaigns given that free helpful content is one of the best ways to drive people back to your website.

Organic Exposure

Leveraging their social media presence, we had our client increase focus on seeking out social influencers to drive exposure.

In a high income targeted market, it is vital that demand and exclusivity is created. By creating a list of influencers that conform to the brand image we laid out before commencing the website, we put a strategy in place to get specific influencers on board.   

This tactic worked extremely well to drive traffic to the site and will work for nearly any industry.

Marketing Funnels

Organic SEO and traffic generation is a long term game. Given the amount of websites and content on the internet now, it will take months and sometimes even years to get a good position for competitive terms.

Our client wanted immediate results so we developed a very comprehensive marketing campaign on Facebook ads and google adwords.

We created initial campaigns and audiences based on past data from people who had bought before and combined this with audiences we found their competition were targeting.

From there a combination of text ads, image and video ads were created – some designed to target new customers and some to re market to people who have visited the website but did not turn into a lead.

Over time we then ran tests on these ads and audiences quickly refining high converting ads and audiences which gave positive Return on investment.

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