Case Study


  • online marketing strategy (google, facebook, youtube, instagram)
  • Full Ecommerce integration
  • Content creation & copywriting
  • User experience design
  • Visual design
  • Landing page strategy & design
  • Videography
  • Retargeting campaign
  • SEO strategy

Get The Product Right First

Overdrive are one of the UKs fastest growing supplement companies catering for a multitude of athlete. The supplement industry is becoming increasingly competitive so we knew that we would need to really nail down the target audience and create innovative marketing strategies.

We were tasked with taking Overdrive from no digital presence to an online selling machine; with a fully bespoke E-commerce site and evolving marketing campaigns across all platforms.

In an industry as competitive as this, we knew that consistent value to customers through video, graphical and textual content was key in generating exposure. We set about working with Overdrive to create value videos with our in-house Videography team. We also integrated a blog and forum.

With Brand awareness as the priority, we embarked on creating a team of social influence’s who were aligned with the brand image and to push content that we created or consulted with them on.

Once traction was established, we embarked on a re-marketing campaign predominantly through Facebook which really took the conversion rates and the ROI above and beyond our target levels.

Overdrive has gone front strength to strength (excuse the pun) and cannot wait to see how far we can help take them in the future.

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