My Switch Shop

Case Study

Our Task

We have been working with My Switch Shop for over 6 years now, and have been handling all their digital presence from pay-per-click marketing to SEO we have been the prime contributor.

Who Is My Switch Shop?

My Switch Shop is an online retailer selling switches and sockets based in faygate. They have a full online retail store, e-commerce package created with ZenCart. We needed to create an online website & store for our client to sell up to 6000+ products that they have available.

Overtime we have evolved My Switch Shop’s website to have much faster loading speeds, SEO optimized and pushed pay-per-click marketing to their fullest. We initially had trouble with trying to find a functional layout for the sheer amount of products and categories they they had available.


With over 6000+ products being available online, the troubles of being able to sort the products so they would load fast and have a visually pleasing user interface was one of our first milestones.

We next moved onto making our appearance on Google’s search engine higher ranked when looking for local businesses in the same industry and found progress with having a much more clever layout than we initially created.

Building an Online Presence

With our 2 row navigation banner we were able to create a more spread layout for the consumer to use and having drop down menus integrated allowed us to still keep a lot of information on a singular user interface.

Moving onto our Digital Marketing strategies, we ran Facebook ads, Remarketing Funnels, Google Adwords, Google Text and Google Shopping which has seen huge results from £0 Turnovers to now £1,000,000+ a year.

Using ZenCart & Onward

This has been a great partnership with our client and our business together just keeps on growing. Our ROI’s with My Switch Shop has proven to be valuable and we are on board to help even more clients like we have here.

We have been using ZenCart for the past 10 years, with this open sourced platform we have built many bespoke modules which we have re-access to. We also have the options to completely code ZenCart to act and work exactly how we need, whereas, using something like Shopify will fix you onto there platform and require you to purchase most of your plug-ins.

Moving forward we will increase in Facebook Marketing and YouTube Ads, as video is now becoming a cheaper way to market over your standard text and product listing ads.

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