Case Study

West Sussex’s elite Clinic, L1P, was created by Dr Ranjbar.

She has a passion for skin health and cosmetic treatments enabling the establishment of a centre of excellence
for non surgical aesthetic procedures, beauty, and skin.

Creation of L1P

L1P is a website that we created for Botox & Lip Fillers by highly trained Doctors.

For this client we were given the task of creating a website for an already established doctor, who was looking to increase her online presence and expand her business online.


Marketing L1P began with diving into the aesthetics industry and learning about what is needed to help boost an online presence. The most important information we gathered was that the site must conform to the General Medical Council (GMC) for the marketing aspect of the website and business.

Building marketing campaigns designed to drive new clients to the business comes with a lot of social interaction. We created facebook marketing funnels, google adwords campaigns and youtube advertisements. We developed the target audience and started to scale the marketing as we refined audiences that were generating leads. This resulted in automated sales funnels that are generating new clients every month.

Completion Rate: 25%

Importance of Reliability

One major Factor within the aesthetics industry is that the person you’re coming to receive your services must have a Professional Website created to reflect the client’s position as a Doctor in the industry. Bringing yourself forward for a more personal approach to your website will allow your visitors to feel welcomed, which is important in a face to face industry where you’ll be meeting your clients and having to build up a trust factor.

Completion Rate: 50%

Creation, Completion & Implementation

For this particular job, we had to also create a new branding and logo design for the website, this was all done in house and was shared back and forth with the client. Completing a task like this can bring many different factors that can affect the outcome of the work produced. For example, Our Client, being a Doctor has a very busy work schedule and majority of the day will be out of touch, at E-WiseWebs, we work around the clock so we can be available for our clients when they need us most.

Implementing L1P came to a close after around 4 weeks, this then was shown to our clients to see if any final changes would want to be made, then Live.

Completion Rate: 75%

Benefits & Review

L1P benefits started within the first month, collecting 17 new clients then moving to the second month gaining an additional 13! After being shown the site our client left us a testimonial which is available to the bottom of the page, however, our work is not yet complete with L1P. We continued our partnership with L1P and we’ve expanded to greater extent into social media marketing. We noticed an opening in video marketing, which is not being used very well within the industry and we are exploiting this to continue client growth.

Completion Rate: 100%

Review From L1P

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