Case Study

Bear muscle Is an online e-commerce store selling digital training ebooks which we created for our client Rogan. At the time of writing this the site is now generating £15,000+ a month in sales. Not bad for a digital only product which requires no stocking, postage or returns.


From The Start

The steps we took to generate the traffic and get that traffic converting at a sufficient rate are listed below. This should help those of you who may be struggling to get decent returns on your websites.

Although this particular case-study is on a site selling digital products, many of the concepts are ones we apply to our other clients generating leads for their business and websites selling tangible goods.

Get The Product Right First

Make sure your product is of great quality and the price is right…. Although this sounds obvious, we are finding people are focusing more time on the marketing but are overlooking the actual product or service they are selling!

As in the case of bear muscle, we made sure that the ebooks were of great quality and customers would get results above what they were expecting. We had all plans overseen by several nutritionists and personal trainers and then added value by ensuring the design was spot on.

Do not ever underestimate word of mouth. With quality product comes a higher life time value of customers coming back to purchase future products.

Show The Results

The saying “actions speak louder than words” is extremely true when it comes to marketing. It’s very easy to tell someone your product or service solves a certain problem; however if you want to create trust and therefore conversions, you need to “show them”.

We created a separate Instagram page for bear muscle to purely show the clients and their results from following their plans.
These transformations were also used on the site to help create a higher desire to purchase by being carefully placed on the site.

Build Your Community

Given that Rogan has a powerful social media following and the transformation page was performing well, we wanted to help build more of a community on socials to incentivise people to get involved.

We set up hashtags such as #jointhejourney on Instagram that people who had purchased the plan and Rogan himself used them to document their experiences while on the plans.

This is a fantastic tool for you to use in your business as communities help to build trust and credibility which nearly always increases your conversions. On-top of that, your clients will then also provide you with content you can use in your marketing campaigns.

Building Traffic

Although Rogan has a relatively strong following on social media, the internet is increasing in competitiveness every day for all products, especially fitness programs.

If you are trying to sell a product or service straight off the bat without offering some value first, you will almost always have very poor sales! Your competitors will out-market you and add greater value if you do not.

We utilised youtube to a large extent to offer great free content and drive tonnes of traffic to the website. We had Rogan create funny & entertaining video logs which we released every week.

We embedded these videos on the website and had Rogan push traffic from his socials to the website rather than just youtube. These ads generated far higher traffic levels to the site than simply promoting the product. We then ensured that the pages were optimised to make people want to go and checkout the rest of the site and most importantly the plans.

Capture information

Unless you are a huge brand, on average now it takes your brand name to be seen 7 times before someone takes the plunge to purchase your product.

For this reason, we cannot rely on a customer coming to our site just once and expecting them to purchase straight away. It is therefore extremely important that we capture data to remarket to them.

In the case of Bear muscle we used newsletter capture with our youtube videos; since the content was fun and people wanted more, people happily signed up the newsletter to be kept up to date.

We also used push notifications. This is a clever little tool which can be downloaded at and shows an opt in button when someone visits the site. People that opt in are added to a list I which we can then “push” them with a little notification of anything new which will show on the bottom of their screen when their browser is open.

Both of the above techniques keep customers coming back to the site for free and building up the 7 touch points!

Get Your Website On-Point

As mentioned above, once you have created appealing content that you are driving traffic to either from socials, pay per click campaigns and newsletters etc you then want to make sure your site layout and information is on point. Below is a few of the things we focused on with Bear muscle


  • Made sure our main product(s) was easily accessible from all pages
  • Ensure contact information is in very clear view and made sure we urged our viewers to get in touch with us with even the smallest questions
  • Reviews and transformations we used cleverly throughout
  • We made sure that content was created such as videos and descriptions to show people how our plan would solve their problems. Remember people buy solutions to their problems!

Summary Of How We Got Our Client Generating £15,000+ A Month In Digital ebook Sales

In Summary whether you are trying to sell a digital product, tangible product or a service these strategies will work extremely well to increase your monthly sales and client generation.

Once the core template and product have been edited to the above standards; then utilising the tactics above to create content and remarket to your viewers will work extremely well to build constant sales over time.

It may seem like a lot of work but the results will be worth it.

So what do you think about the strategies above and are you using them already?

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