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9 Tips To Make Your WordPress Website Faster

 1) Shared hosting to a dedicated WordPress hostA Lot of you will be familiar with a shared hosting server, and for some, being on a shared host will work perfectly fine. For those who have looked up any speed tests of there site or require faster loading times, a dedicated wordpress server [...]

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10 Tips to drive traffic towards your new website

#1: Respond to comments on other people’s blog without spamming Comment on every competing opponents blogs! Bringing people from other sites to visit yours can be a great way to drive traffic. Several big name companies have used this technique in there early days and now we have perfected the [...]

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Marketing Funnels, Are you converting warm leads?

Marketing Funnels, Are you converting warm leads? Funnels Marketing Funnels, Sales Funnels? We are sure you have heard of Funnels by now but the bigger question is are you using them? Having a either a digital or physical product/service you're generating leads and you must track [...]

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How Digital Marketing is Changing … Again

How Digital Marketing is Changing … Again What can you do in 2019 to capitalize on how digital marketing is changing? Digital marketing What has changed? Digital Marketing has taken a more omnichannel approach, use tactics that have more channels in your approach things like: SEO [...]

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2019 Digital Marketing Hacks The Experts Don’t Tell You

Digital Marketing in 2019 has changed, and with the new year there comes a lot of pros and cons for digital marketing. Each year marketing has got more expensive and competitive and this is only going to continue to rise, so what can you do this year to help boost online sales? Read [...]

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5 reasons you need a faster checkout plug-in on your Zen Cart shop

5 reasons you need a faster checkout plug-in on your Zen Cart shop How can you benefit with a faster checkout plug-in for your website? There are several different ways you can gain more with a faster checkout service and after doing a little research I found 5 reasons why you should invest in [...]

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