1) Shared hosting to a dedicated WordPress host

A Lot of you will be familiar with a shared hosting server,

and for some, being on a shared host will work perfectly fine.

For those who have looked up any speed tests of there site or require faster loading times, a dedicated wordpress server is recommended.

Your site only runs as fast as the server you are running on.

2) Download a cache Plug-in

Whenever your wordpress page has a new visitor, wordpress needs to rebuild, package your data and then show your website to the users visiting.

The problem here is that your websites speed can be slowed in this process, and if your site bring a lot of traffic this can cause more problems than necessary.

We recommend that you download a cache plugin like W3 Total cache, these plugins skip the build process and creates a copy of your site to show to every user after.

3) Optimize your images

There are a couple ways to optimize your images, one being the images dimensions.

When you upload your images to wordpress, you will see that a ton of sites will upload an image at its full dimension.

You can avoid this by making your images at around 1400 pixels wide since the majority of viewers will only have a display that shows less than 1000 pixels.

Another option is also finding one of the free plugins that can do this work for you.

4) Remove those sliders

In 2019 you should not be running sliders.

Enough research has been done to show that big image sliders do not convert well and the increase of size to your website make them not worth it.

5) Remove Old Plugins

Depending on how long you have had your website, over time you may of installed plugins that you don’t even use anymore.

Go through your plugins list and remove any that you think you are not needed or are not being used.

6) Pointless Widgets

Widgets can be great from social sharing to Youtube videos.

The reasons this can slow your site down, are that these widgets require them to connect to their own server.

Now if your site is content rich this can really take a toll on your page loading speed.

Try to keep your social sharing widgets on content that is actually sharable like blogs or articles.

7) Never upload videos to your site

The best way to showcase your videos are by uploading them to a site like YouTube or Vimeo. These sites are great to upload your videos to, and only require you to embed it to your website.

Also you can use a pop up video player to increase your page speed without having your homepage actually load up the video.

8) Lazy Loading plugins

Using a lazy load plugin is great because it will only load the content that is being shown on the browser window.

Only when the user starts to scroll through your site, the rest of the page will then be loaded just before they come into view.

9) CDN

A CDN is a great option to have for your site, but this is only if you are looking for a more global outreach.

What a CDN does is it created copies of your website and places them around the world on different servers.

This means wherever the user is visiting from, they will connect to the closest server to them to load up your site.

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