10 Hacks to gain more traffic to your website

FAQ Page

Include an FAQ page on your website or homepage.

Think of any questions that you have been asked by a lot of your consumers and list them out.

This will split your visitors into the consumers who will think your product is perfect and get rid of people who are not interested.

Pricing Information on your page

Include pricing on your website, people who are interested in your product or service when visiting your page will 100% be looking for some sort of pricing information to give them an idea of what you are charging or just comparison to other competitors.

A big mistake a lot of business make are they want to keep the pricing behind closed doors and want consumers to fill in contact forms or get the user to make some sort of contact to gain a quote.

A big problem with this is that consumers are now more intelligent in the way they look for products or services online. If you require them to have to wait for an email response or a high pressure sales call, majority of users will not bother getting in contact and move on to another competitors site since they would rather avoid that sales interaction in the research they do.

This becomes a time saver because it allows your to-be or not to-be clients a way to qualify themselves on their own. This becomes more important depending on how high you are on the pricing spectrum.

Online scheduling

This is a great time saving tool for you to implement. This will make any business or service from different time zones easiest to hash out and even for local businesses you can have an open log of what available times you have specified, that they then can book appointments for.

Online Scheduling tools like SimplyBook.me or Calendly are great options for services you can try out and some even offer syncing options so if you have a Google calendar or a calendar app it will automatically sync with any meetings or busy days you already have and import any new bookings straight there.

Some offer confirmation emails so you can pre-plan ahead of your meeting and send your contact any information that they might need before you get on call with them. This helps a lot with any clients that are on the fence and reduces the amounts of no shows to any appointments you have.


The next tip is a way that you can now greet any visitors to your website.

When someone is looking for a service that they are researching and they are new to your website, they won’t be there to try and talk or get sold anything at that moment.

It’s been proven though, that there is a higher chance that they will speak with  a chat bot and gain information through this way instead.

Not all chat bots have to be automated all the way through the conversation and when someone lands on your page you can offer the chat bot to appear as a button if they ever have a questions.

A great way to take advantage of this and go a step further is by having a greeting message to the visitor on your site. Offer a question to see if there is anything you can help them with, if they don’t respond, that’s fine. If they do respond you can set up emails or notifications straight to your mobile and respond in real time.

Automated emails

Automated emails are what you can be focusing on when you have clients visiting your website and are still on the fence about weather or not they are going to buy your service.

What you can do is take all of these people who are researching and get them on an email list.

From here you can now start sending them more consistent and helpful content and build up a trust so they see you as the business they want to work or be with.

The best way to gain a potential clients email is by offering a trade. Your trade can by from a free one to one client call or a free checklist of what you would recommend to your own clients.

You then give them what they were offered for the trade while keeping them updated either weekly or monthly with any new and helpful content that could help them sway towards your service.

Social sharing plugins

WordPress offer plugins that you can install and customize with any social media accounts you have.

What some of these plugins can do are automatically post any new content, blogs or videos you have uploaded to your website to any of the connected social media outlets you have set up.

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