Digital Marketing in 2019 has changed, and with the new year there comes a lot of pros and cons for digital marketing.

Each year marketing has got more expensive and competitive and this is only going to continue to rise, so what can you do this year to help boost online sales?

Read further through our blog to find out and we are also sharing FREE top tools that will also give you the edge ahead.


How can you optimise SEO in 2019?

Build a brand.
Building a brand will help you gain more traction online due to Google now leaning towards pushing brands and more trusted businesses to the top of their search listings. So by creating a Brand you not only help your business grow further online, but also gain the trust factor that will then make way for your clients to part with their money.

Voice Search.
Voice Search on Google is booming, with every new year the use of Voice Search on Google is being used by at least 2 of every 5 Adults in 2018.

So what can you do? According to Neil Patel, by 2020 at least 50% of Google searches will be via Voice Search, which means that your business and website has to be mobile friendly.

Using keywords for your searches and making sure your site is optimised for mobile, should help you gain better results via Voice Search.

Link Intersections.
Link intersecting is a great way to know if any competitors or even other businesses in your community. Using the intersect feature in Ahrefs allows you to find out what websites in your industry link back to you or to your competitors. You use this information by finding out which sites actually link back to other sites more often, this then lets you narrow down who will be more inclined to link back to your site.

Fast Loading Times.
If your website is not loading fast enough you can’t expect many people to wait and will most likely move on and forget about your website!

Tools are available to help you determine how fast your site loads while also offering free advice on how you can improve your websites speed. This tool will be shared at the end of the article with some others that will help!


Is Blogging Dead in 2019?

Original Content.
Recycling other people’s content has been around since the beginning of the internet, however, 2019 is showing to be the most prominent year in which creating original content will gain you the most back.

Being Creative in our industry is what drives most entrepreneurs sales, and due the to culture of the internet, if you’re recognised as original creative there is no doubt that your work will gain attention.

Update Your Old Content!
Any old content that you have previously uploaded should be updated every year! Doing this will help you stay on top of your competitors and keeping your content fresh will do nothing but keep you at the top of search engines.

Ending With A Question.
End your blogs or even your social media posts with questions. This creates a conversation between your business and your customers.

Including questions in your blogs will help with interactions with you and your customers. Beginning with a question or ending your blog with a question will open up your page to readers that want to engage with you.

Important: Responding! Make sure you respond to your comments! Build relationships with your viewers and answer any questions that they have. This not only will improve the quality of your post, but gain traction for others who visit your blog to comment also!

Evoke Curiosity.
When titling your blogs make sure you strike curiosity, an example of this could be a title such as “4 ways to improve your business, number 4 will shock you!”

I know what you’re thinking, is this clickbait? Of course not, unless you really are not providing the information you say you are. Switching up the title to gain more attention is definitely a great way to evoke curiosity.

Extra Services.
On your blog page make sure you share more of your own content! Nothing is wrong with a shameless plug, and if you are not pushing your own work for the readers of your blogs then you’re doing it wrong!

Email Collecting, Push Notifications and Subscribers!
Collecting Emails should already be part of your business. Enabling notifications on your website or even signing up visitors to a email list will allow you to collect information. This way you can get back to the people who are interested in your business and help promote your business.


Video Content is one of the most important tools at your disposal if you are willing to put the time in 2019. If your are not taking advantage of this you will definitely fall behind your competitors.

Here are a couple of options you can take on board that can help you:

Video Ads.
Creating video ads is a great way for you to promote. On average people watched 1.5 hours of online video per day last year, and more often than not when people are offered a text or video option, 72% of people would rather watch a video to gain information than read.

So how do you use this to your advantage?
Take it to social media! 82% of Twitter users watch videos on the platform, so creating original video content and going for shares and even having the potential of going viral is a great way to gain exposure.

45% of podcast listeners have a household income of over $75k.

Podcasts have been booming for the past couple of years, and 2019 is showing that the trend is not slowing down so we need to take advantage while we can! Not everyone has enough time in their day to tune into a video or even watch a YouTube podcast in full. Creating audio only options on Spotify and downloadable podcasts  will allow consumers to “check in” for a couple of minutes throughout their workday. This does not mean you need to create hour long podcasts, you can shorten them down to 10 minutes or less to create the perfect on the go informational video.

Live Streams.
From YouTube to Twitch to Instagram all these platforms now offer Live Streaming, this can be used in several different ways but for this blog I will explain one way you can use this.

You have another idea? Let us know, Leave a comment!

How-to Videos are one of the most searched videos on YouTube. Live streaming to your audience and following up on any conversations your community has or any questions that they want to learn from you is a great way to interact and share content. Live streams are usually saved after you have ended, and can even be re-uploaded to other platforms so you can share them even more!


  • Google Search Console
    Google offer a tool that will measure your websites performance and give you a score on what they think you can improve on.
  • UberSuggest
    Search your local area for keywords that are searched within your industry and get on top of your competitors. 
  • Yoast SEO Plugin
    A WordPress Plugin that will make your website more search engine friendly.
    Check you websites resolutions on a variety of different mobile phone options.
  • Google PageSpeedInsight
    A tool Google provide that will check your websites loading speed on all devices.
  • Google Trends
    Google offer a tool that you can search terms or topics to help boost you to the top of Google’s search engine.
  • Keywords Everywhere – Chrome Extension
    A Google Chrome Extension that will show you real-time what keywords you’re using to help you gain higher search engine ratings.

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