#1: Respond to comments on other people’s blog without spamming

Comment on every competing opponents blogs! Bringing people from other sites to visit yours can be a great way to drive traffic.

Several big name companies have used this technique in there early days and now we have perfected the way you should help your soon to be clients!

You see, leaving a comment on a every competing blog will not only put your name out there but have the readers of the article check what their peers think and will drive them to your own website.

Sounds simple right? That’s because it is, being a commenter on a blog is all well and good but the hard part is putting in the effort to be the first commenter! Bring first will allow you to be seen straight away for anybody looking for advice or help about the blog.

This is all assuming that you are at least leaving valuable comments that help and not spamming the blog.

Now when leaving a comment you will most likely be asked to give information like your name, URL and then the comment. With this you will see that you gain referral traffic in your google analytics because a very small percentage of visitors will actually click on your name after they have read your comment.

Now considering that most popular blogs can receive millions of visitors a week, there is no doubt that you can easily drive a small fraction of that traffic towards your own website!

So key points about this strategy is that you should be one of the first commenters to ensure your at the top, and most importantly, make sure your comment adds value!

Aim to get 10 to 20 comments down a day! And if you’re fast you might even be able to get somewhere in between in less time!

#2: Be helpful on Twitter and you’ll get tweets

Strategy 2, keep in mind you want to be using all these 12 strategies and that doesn’t mean you have to put as much time in as you did the first time you tried it! Leave half the amount of comments you left from the first strategy instead.

Social Media, in particular Twitter.

Getting to know your audience and your community is very important if you want your voice to be heard.

There are many great examples of personalities that have a HUGE following but get no interactions, and that’s what you want, Interactions.

So how do you do this? Simple.

Helping People!

Get into your community and answers questions for anyone that needs help! Responding as quickly as possible is a great way to show that you are really in tune with your following. Constantly responding to others tweets about any help they are looking for is great, and yea, not everybody will take your advice but that does not matter, staying helpful and positive no matter what can really give you a lead in trust with your community.

Finally, retweet things you like, stuff that’s relevant or helpful. Having to retweet the biggest influencer out there to try get your brand out there isn’t always the way and responding and interacting with everyday people is a great way to get information out there.

So be helpful! And you will see in time people will switch from your competitor to you.

#3: Go after smaller affiliates

Go after smaller affiliates!

When starting out you might not of created an affiliate program where you pay other marketers to drive you a sale or lead.

Using softwares like Hasoffers can set one up or go through a network can be an easy way to set up. There are tons of options and with some quick research you can find the right one for you.

Now what you might not often hear, is that no one will promote your affiliate offer because you are unproven and new, so a way around this is to get in touch with a list of competitors with affiliate programs and then search google for your “competitors name vs” to view any websites or articles involving them.

From here you can then email each site owner to ask if they will be willing to mention you in the article they have written or have an article written about your company. Think about it, is someone is willing to offer to be an affiliate, they won’t mind gaining some extra cash by throwing a few extra competitors in!

If you plan on doing this, make sure you hit around 10 or 15 emails a day. It should not take very long and majority of pages won’t mind adjusting their site for some extra money.

You’ll find that this may gain you the least amount of traffic compared to all other tips, but what you will gain more of will be customers or visitors that are more than likely to convert.

By setting a standard of purposely searching for “vs” articles, the consumer is specifically looking for a product or price that suits them.

#4: Hire guest writers

This tip is a great way to gain traffic for specifically for blogs.

Hire bloggers or writers that have a decent amount of following or influence.

Best way to find great writers is posting up a job offer looking for writers on forums or job boards.

If you aim for 3-5 blog posts a week you will find that the writer will happily promote the blog to their own following due to their name being attached to it.

This not only will enable you to start bring in more traffic, the more popular you get you will soon realise that inquires of people willing to write for free are offering their services now to you to gain more attention.

Hiring more writers after a period of time will show its importance when more people find out about your company, due to every writer having a vast amount of different followers you can bet your content will reach further than you expected. Although this is a slow process, you can find yourself slowly transitioning to no having to pay writers at all!

#5: Create a podcast and interview guests


Haven’t heard of them yet?

Well you better catch up.

Creating podcasts initially sounds like scary territory, especially when you 40 minute to nearly 2 hour podcasts available online.

Not everyone has time for a whole podcast, and chances are they are listened to in parts.

So why not start making podcasts under 5-10 minutes? Sure there are other marketers already transitioning to this and some have already found great success! But that does not mean you should fall further behind.

Once a week see if you can get a quick podcast up or even have interviews with people in your community! Viewers of you and whoever you work with could have aligning interests for them to visit you.

In our previous tip we mentioned that you can get your writers to share the blog with their following and the same can be said with your guests! Get them to let their followers know about your podcast!

Make sure not to seperate your podcast, it’s common for people to think that having a standalone site for your podcast can be beneficial, but why not put it on your main site? That’s where you want them right?

Do not Overcomplicate! While trying this strategy use whatever tools your have. You don’t have to buy a fancy camera and have a full setup, use your built in cameras you have in any devices and start expanding when if start to gain traction

#6: Facebook Group Marketing

Checked out the group pages on facebook? Of course you have.

But are you a part of them?

Finding your niche groups no matter the industry is a great way to find your ideal customers.

Now, there are tons of groups with up to hundreds of thousands of people in them, even up to the millions. AVOID these at all costs, trying to find traction in a space like that will see little to no value of your precious time.

So aim for groups with at least over 1000 or under 20,000 members. Make sure that the groups you are joining are relative to your industry and in your first month try post up to 5 pieces of helpful content to the groups.

Your goal here is to not come off spammy, but offer advice and engaging content that will generate comments and likes.

From there you will find that the more comments and responses you offer the more likely you will appear on the “Top Posts” page. This can benefit you because you will receive a “Rising Star” badge.

A rising star badge is a bage that is offered to new members of groups who gain the most interaction at the time, this is a great way to get attention and traffic!

#7: Instagram

Instagram, HUGE platform that can generate tons of exposure.

Hate it or love it, Instagram has the figures to back it up.

Take FitTea for example, how often did you see your favourite celebrity or even influencer posting their sponsored post with the slimming tea?

It’s become huge overnight and this is thanks to the how one post by any top influencer or celebrity on instagram can make a product sell out.

Now were not expecting you to go out there and ask someone with 100,00 followers or even a million to post your product, its way to expensive and they are more than likely to overcharge you.

So aim for people with a smaller online presence from around 10,000 – 20,000 followers, finding someone who aligns with your industry but are not too popular will give you the best customers.

Now when dealing with paying, do not pay for a post. Ask to pay for instagram stories and and link your website directly.

Stories you will find come much cheaper due to them expiring and if you have reached over 10k followers you will be able to unlock the swipe up option that instagram offers.

Now that you have their story up you can keep track of the traffic it brings to you. Although you will not get the most amount of traffic compared to other strategies, your new visitors will be more than likely to convert since they’ve been sold form the story.

Week #8: Wikipedia

Wikipedia? Traffic? Are you sure?


Wikipedia is a community driven site, so anyone can edit their content.

Now don’t got editing everything left, right and center.

Provide for the community! That’s what wikipedia grew from and why it is one of the biggest online source of information on the internet. You’re not here to spam your site wherever and whenever.

Its has to be relevant, finding pages where you modify any articles be sure to mention your services where applicable.

This will not bring you tons of traffic once again, but you will easily gain a couple hundred visitors and you will be contributing to the community!

anually creating them can take forever, you can download tools that can help you create backlinks.

Now you can release your own tool if you want! And yes, creating a tool can be expensive and time consuming so then why not pay or download a free one to try out? They are not too expensive and can come as cheap as £10!

Checking out websites like Code Canyon where they offer tools for a vast amount of industries.

Have a look at that they off for your industry and see if you can find a perfect fit, and to be real, chances are you wont unless you build your own!

But hey you gotta start form the bottom and build up!

#9: Speak at a Virtual Conference

Now you should have a decent amount of traffic if you managed to follow the tips well.

You should now leverage those visitors by trying to speak at a virtual conference.

You are sure to find one locally with a quick google search and even if they are free or not offer yourself up and your business to speak.

Compared to an IRL conference, you will be more than likley added as a speaker due to them being online.

When speaking promote your company and you will sure gain some visitors and generate some sales along  the way.

While there you can even have the cheek to ask the host of teh conference to shar the attendee list with you as long as everything his legally done and under the correct TOS.

The question should be fine as long as everything is fine, so no need to worry.

What the attendee list provides a list of qualified owners and partners you can promote your blog posts and services to.

#10: Scripts and tools

SEO? Backlinks?

For our final tip, creating backlinks are great and in time you will see that your search traffic will rise.

Now how do i gain more backlinks?

Well even though it is not as effective as it used to be and manually creating them can take forever, you can download tools that can help you create backlinks.

Now you can release your own tool if you want! And yes, creating a tool can be expensive and time consuming so then why not pay or download a free one to try out? They are not too expensive and can come as cheap as £10!

Checking out websites like Code Canyon where they offer tools for a vast amount of industries.

Have a look at that they off for your industry and see if you can find a perfect fit, and to be real, chances are you wont unless you build your own!

But hey you gotta start form the bottom and build up!

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