10 Hacks to gain more traffic to your website

1) Promote your content on Linkedin

Do you use LinkedIn?

Now this isn’t a problem if you don’t use LinkedIn, but if you already a lot of connections on LinkedIn this can come in very handy.

Go through your media content, blogs or articles and see what content you have created suits well with your connections.

Recreate or repost them to LinkedIn slowly throughout a week, and now when creating new content you now have another audience to consider when creating ideas or linking them to your website.

Video content works very well on LinkedIn, so re creating your best blog posts or articles in video format then sharing them on Linkedin can work especially well.

2) Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to reach out to blog owners and ask if you are able to write up a blog for them, the trade here is you then gain a link back to your website in the bio section of the blog and can gain extra traffic this way.

This can work great, but it is outplayed and chances are that people reading the blog won’t see low enough of the page to actually read who wrote the blog or see the link back to your website.

A twist you can add while writing up is linking other helpful resources earlier in the blog, then including your own website as part of what you are writing about. This gains you two benefits, one a backlink and two the higher chance that people will click through to your website.

3) Update Posts with LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are essentially related keywords to your website.

Depending on your field google will expect a certain amount of information or words to be used about that area.

For example, with website design, keywords google will be searching for can be marketing or SEO, and these words will let google know what type of topic your website is about, and whether or not they think your website covers the keywords they expect to see on a topic like this.

Use LSIGraph.com and search the keyword phrase you are trying to aim for, the results you will receive are a list of keywords that you should go through and select specific keywords that are relevant to your content.

4) Schedule Content to be released several times

Oversharing sounds like a scary idea, and you would be right in thinking that you don’t want to spam your followers or readers.

But recently there have been showings that more frequency can impact your tweets or posts online.

There has been findings that only 14% of your followers will actually see your post more than once on their timeline, and your second post will perform 86% as well as the first time.

There are several programs that allow you to set up schedules to post on your twitter or instagram throughout the next week or so. Make sure to add photos to your tweets or posts so they increase the chances of people clicking to your website.

5) Click to tweet links

Creating click to tweet links in your blogs are a quick way of getting a selected parts of information from a blog to automatically got to the users twitter and allow them to post your blog easily.

Find your top blogs or content that you’ve made and create these links on select parts that you feel people would love to share to there following.

ClickToTweet.com is a great website to help generate these links and also allows you to have more people looking at your content.

6) Improve your Click Through Rate (CTR)

Google will always want to show the most relevant results that they can offer, so increasing your CTR and upping your position on google search engine helps a lot.

Now this sounds great, but i’m sure you already know this information already.

But a quick little hack you can do to help boost your position and gain more clicks to your website are by making subtle changes to your Title & description.

You would preferably want to have your main keyword phrase in the title and end it with something that will get your viewers attention, including numbers has also shown benefit with more clicks as well.

For the description you often will see that people will just fill this area with history about the business or the experience they have in the industry.

What would make this more attractive is filling in what benefits your business can do for them and if it is an article, what they can learn from the page.

7) List Articles

Creating list articles are a great way to gain more traffic and it has been shown in a study that more people click on articles with numbers in the title.

What you can do to take advantage of this is explore what kind of questions the customers you are aiming for will search and then create list articles about those topics to gain more clicks.

8) Add more media to existing posts or pages

Add more media to your old and new content,  images are great way to keep people interested in the content you are providing but also staying on your site for longer.

Google loves to promote websites higher in there search rankings and this can lead to more users sharing your content.

9) Speed up your website

Your website speed becomes a huge factor that plays in Google’s algorithm, this also affects how likely someone is to stay on your website for a longer period of time.

Majority of users are not willing to wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load.

We created a video on several ways to increase your WordPress websites speed, we have left a link in the description on these 9 tips, so go and check it out after this video!

10) Add internal links to your site

Share your own links on your own website!

Google has recently has made it more important that linking internally from page to page helps a lot with your ranking.

This shows them what your pages are about and how they are relevant to each other, this makes its more likely for your other pages to appear in searches and will benefit you in gaining traffic.

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